Pirula Investments LLC and Cheston Apartments LLC are dedicated to providing an enjoyable living environment and a professional working relationship with tenants.  The owners have over 20 years of rental experience and strive to operate with Christian values, integrity and respect. In February of 2011, a property manager was hired to focus on the quality of our buildings and the experience of our tenenats.  The owners and the property manager work together to provide a place that you can call home.  Please read the testimonies of past and present tenants.

Unlike many property owners who are absentee landlords that rely on outside third party property managers to take care of their properties and are removed from their tenants, we manage our properties in-house, make it a point to be friendly and know our tenants and take pride in the quality of our properties. Our property manager, hired in 2011, specifically focuses on the quality of our buildings and the experience of our tenants.


“I wanted to thank you guys for such a pleasant renting experience and I would without a doubt consider you one of the best landlords in Richmond.  I hope to one day be able to rent from you again. –Brian Haver”

“Renting from Pirula has been the best landlord experience I’ve had. They’ve been the most helpful and gracious landlords all 3 years we’ve lived with them. I highly recommend them – very easy to deal with. — Samuel Dobbs”

“I was a tenant at 2 different apartments, first at 1101 Grove Ave and then at 2816 Monument Ave with Pirula/Cheston for about a year, including sub-leasing for a good portion of that time. You really cannot do any better than this team–they’re cheerful, personable, and they take good care of their tenants. Any time issues (which were few) came up, they were very quick to respond and address them. -Jonathan Curry

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